Awakening to the Spirit of Plants by Fay Johnstone

Awakening to the Spirit of Plants by Fay Johnstone

05.10.2019 vicky 111

The spirit of plants is all around us, pulsing with life, waiting patiently and whispering to you

Spring is the perfect time to venture
outside where the landscape is turning green and coming alive with the sound of
birds and bright spring flowers in bloom.

As you marvel at the beauty of nature
springing to life around you, consider that each part of the natural landscape
is conscious and in constant communication with the outside world.

As a creature of nature, you carry
within you the ability to understand the complex and subtle ways that nature
communicates. Just like your ancestors before you, who lived more closely to
the land, you too have the ability to perceive the language of nature and
communicate back. We sense this connection with plants and the natural world
through our physical senses and most of all through the gateway of our heart.
It’s a case of feeling our way to navigate the language of the natural world,
rather than thinking our way with logic and reason.

Science can inform us of the many
ways that being in nature positively affects our body and physiology, lifts our
mood, lowers our blood pressure, releases endorphins and so forth, but do we
really need science to inform us of what our body and soul know innately? When
we start listening and opening our hearts, we instinctively feel the depth of
nature’s touch.

Awakening to the spirit of plants was
a gradual process for me, it started with buying some house plants one day to
cheer up myself and my city apartment. As I tended them on my balcony, I began
a healing process and travelled into the depths my heart. It was as if the
plants jumped into those dark places within and took root, filling my soul with
love where I was unable to give it and bringing those sad places within me back
to life with their radiance, beauty and vitality.

I let the spirit of the plants into
my heart and over the years they took me on an enchanting journey of
remembering, revealing their medicine and bringing me closer to the truth of
who I am and what it is to be human.

Most of us live in urban
environments, absorbed in screen time rather than the great outdoors and yet,
more of us than ever are suffering from feelings of loneliness, depression,
anxiety or disconnection. In our vacuum packed, plastic wrapped lives many of
us long for the wild beauty of nature. I believe it is more important than ever
before for us to seek out the stillness and the vitality of the natural world
to bring ourselves back into alignment with the pulse of nature than runs
through us and our planet. When we consciously take the time to connect to the
trees, the landscapes and the natural elements that surround us we start to
remember our sacred connections with the natural world, the language that we
share and the vital forces that connect us.

Opening up to the spirit of the
plants does not necessarily entail leaving the city and heading for the
countryside. We can take simple daily steps of reverence to marvel at the
beauty of the natural world to welcome the spirit of the plants into our hearts
and rekindle our ancient connections. For some this might mean a slow walk
through the park or a lunch break to sit by a favourite tree. For others it
might mean walking barefoot to feel close to the earth, growing your own
vegetables or learning about home herbal remedies. Or you might only be able to
manage a short sit down with a cup of tea, gifting a bunch of flowers to a
friend to brighten their day or simply remembering to water those office
plants! The spirit of plants is all around us, pulsing with life, waiting
patiently and whispering to you. The more your let it in and open your heart to
its wisdom and beauty, the more it will grow on you and move through you in
wild and magical ways.

Fay Johnstone is a Shamanic Herbalist, Usui Reiki Master and the author of Plants that Speak Souls that Sing: transform your life with the spirit of plants. Available for purchase now through Cygnus!

Following a beautiful awakening to the spirit of plants while running a flower farm, Fay’s work helps clients discover how to heal with Reiki and Plant medicine and connect with nature as a spiritual ally to feel confident and connected on their path. Fay’s work combines Reiki healing, Shamanic techniques and the alchemy of nature to helps us reawaken our ancient wisdom, restore our sacred relationship with the Earth and reclaim our power to become fully aligned with the truth of who we are. Fay offers training and coaching across the UK, online and from her home in Scotland. Learn more about Fay at

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Awakening to the Spirit of Plants by Fay Johnstone