Feed Your Intuition – How Can What You Eat Affect Your Intuitive Powers?

Feed Your Intuition – How Can What You Eat Affect Your Intuitive Powers?

10.13.2018 vicky 70

Have you ever wondered why some days you don’t feel as tuned in as others?

Or why you doubt and dither about making an important life choice? 

Have you considered how much your intuition is affected by what you eat or drink? 

I work with clients to help them with a wide range of issues, from digestive problems, to bloating and stubborn pounds that won’t shift, insecurity, anxiety, and low energy levels, and one area that is especially interesting to me is how foods block or reduce our intuitive connection.

For example, Sarah, a reiki practitioner, found that some days her healing powers felt subdued, and she would come home from work feeling completely exhausted as a result. Sarah found herself getting increasingly upset, frustrated, and heading towards collapse because working on top of increasing levels of fatigue just wasn’t sustainable. She didn’t want to take on fewer clients and reduce her income, but she also didn’t want to become unwell either. We traced this back to her diet and on closer investigation we were able to look at the possible changes that she could make the improve her quality of life and boost her intuition.

Different foods affect people in different ways and the below are areas I have isolated as ones to watch out for*:

Gut instinct/Feeling/Clairsentience

This form of intuition is particularly sensitive to the food and drink a person consumes. As we all know, the digestive system is affected by whatever you take in, and if you are sensitive to a food – such as gluten – then you will struggle to feel your gut instinct clearly or accurately. The potential ramifications of bad food intake may be that a person could stay stuck in a job, relationship, home or situation that’s affecting them negatively, simply because they cannot feel what is best for them.


Many of my clients have experienced their third eye being obscured or beclouded due to a food intolerance, such as lactose. The cumulative effect of this can sometimes lead to feelings of despondency, apathy or misery towards life because the individual can’t ‘see’ positive possibilities or outcomes in their future.  Furthermore, the individual can’t recognise what decisions are best to make to help them fulfil their highest potential.

Clear Knowing/Claircognizance

One of the most damaging substances for a sensitive person is caffeine (including cocoa, a.k.a chocolate, sorry to say!) and this can unwittingly impact one’s ability to connect to one’s knowingness and intuitive guidance. This is particularly relevant for healer clients who come to me saying that their businesses and livelihoods are suffering and they want to know why.

Auditory/Sounding Right or Wrong/Clairaudience

Similarly, when ungrounded by a food or drink – for example, alcohol – then a person can struggle to access their auditory intuition and ability to hear what’s right and wrong for them. The clients I work with who practice as psychics or intuitive healers say this consistently affects their job.

Conversely, many of my clients will consume foods and drinks that are highly beneficial for them, and this can mean that they boost their intuition and connectivity.

So next time you sit down to eat your breakfast, take a moment to consider how you are setting yourself up for the day ahead and if the food and drink you are eating is best serving you.

*Professional medical advice is to be sought prior to commencing any eating plan.