Real Success: The Benefits of King Yoga


Real Success: The Benefits of King Yoga

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by Richard Lawrence

Real success isn’t being wealthy – it’s using your wealth to make the world a better place. It’s not being happy but radiating joy to inspire and uplift whoever you come into contact with. It isn’t having a great relationship – it’s about that relationship helping you to improve the life of others. And it isn’t measured by your health and well-being, but by their reflection in what you do.


First you have to get your karma right because, with all the skill and effort in the world, you won’t succeed without the right karma. Even the most proficient harvester, with the very best machinery, cannot reap that which has not been sown. Karma is the missing link in the self-help movement because no course or programme will work without it.

Good intentions are good, but that’s not enough. There has to be passion, conviction, determination and, above all, love, if you want to achieve lasting success. It’s not just a thought, it’s a feeling at the very centre of your being. The great artists, musicians, inventors, writers and visionaries were motivated by this kind of deep-seated, unconditional intensity to fullfil their goals and, at the heart of it, was love. As Mozart put it: Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.

One thing Mozart knew from early childhood was exactly what he was on Earth to do. We all need to know what our destiny is and those of us who do are fortunate indeed. One man who did was the great philanthropist, Dr. Albert Schweitzer. He knew that it wasn’t necessarily what you’re interested in or even what you’re good at. He was a brilliant theologian and a prodigious organist, but he was certain that he could do far more good through medicine. So he trained as a doctor, and his wife became a nurse, which led to them opening a hospital and a leper colony in Africa and saving many lives.

To someone who doesn’t know their destiny, Schweitzer’s advice was simple: I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve. I was lucky to meet the great master of yoga, Dr. George King, who would become my personal teacher and very close friend. Through him I learnt that all forms of service are essential, but that spiritual service is the greatest because it is lasting. It addresses the root causes of humanity’s problems at a physical, mental, spiritual and, most importantly, karmic level.

Take breathing for example. The right exercises done correctly in a deep and rhythmic manner have known physical benefits. With sufficient focus they have clear mental benefits as well, enhancing concentration and clarity of thought. If you also visualise white light entering as you breathe in, you can revitalise the higher aspects of your being – the psychic or auric counterpart. If you then radiate the energy you have drawn to yourself – sometimes called prana or ch’i – to others, you might heal them from a physical or mental condition. But it started with the simple act of breathing.

Dr. King said: Stop and think about the real sources of energy and how to use these correctly. If you do it through religion, then do it through your religion. If you do so as a non-religious person, then do it as a non-religious person. But do it! Use the vast spiritual energy battery which is the whole of creation. Let it course through you; become a radiator for this and send it out to all. The path he taught, King Yoga, enables us to send spiritual energy to others – not just individually but globally too. This force, directed with sufficient love and intensity, can stop a war, heal a disease wave, or even improve the environment. What higher motive could there be than this and what better result?

Today, it is not enough to sit in seclusion in meditation, allowing your vibrations to permeate through the ethers. Now it is essential to help the world with a direct radiation of spiritual energy empowered by your love. Instead of adopting the contemplative yogic postures of old to achieve personal realization for yourself, you can raise your hands and transmit spiritual energy, through your palms, to others either alone or as part of a group. You can target a situation like the Syria crisis in a dynamic prayer for peace and humanitarian aid. Your energy might be the trigger for a change in consciousness, even if it only be in a localised area, which could alleviate the suffering of men, women and children caught up in this wretched saga of destruction.

Your own development becomes far more important than ever before when you are using it, not just for yourself, but for the world as a whole. Through King Yoga you can develop greater powers of concentration and intuition. Your confidence will grow because it will be grounded in something real, your higher self, and you will start to realize your inner potential.

In these days one of the most sought after commodities is inner peace, but all too often people are looking for it in the wrong places. Stimulating, materialistic activities may be exciting and fun but they are not peaceful. Like a fog they descend, and like a fog they fade. Certain spiritual practices will induce blissful experiences, but they too will recede when the resonant voice within proclaims: And what of others? Those who cannot hear this voice have not attained true wisdom; those who can but ignore it soon become deaf to its insistent echoes; but those who listen and act will find what the Bible calls: the peace of God which passeth all understanding.

Strangely very few biblical scholars, never mind churchgoers, know this “peace” attributed to the writings of St. Paul. It has no more to do with Christianity than any other path, perhaps less than some, and is not confined to religious people. It is a natural state in which the mind is risen above its normal function, the energies are raised within the aura and an unbroken stillness is entered. Your karma is right and the way is clear to oneness with your higher self without the disturbance of its offspring, conscience. But not for long because the parent will soon release its child once more when you are called again to serve humanity.

There are so many paths and wonderful teachings passed down through the ages, but there is none I would recommend more highly than King Yoga. I know it works for me, but more importantly, it works for the world – and that is real success.

About the author: Richard Lawrence is an international best-selling author. He co-authored Dr. George King’s spiritual classic Realize Your Inner Potential, now in its Third Edition. He will be holding Find Real Success through King Yoga events in London (14th May), Los Angeles (20th May) and Barnsley (2nd September).


Real Success: The Benefits of King Yoga