Small Openings and Amazing Results by Tony Chrstie

Small Openings and Amazing Results by Tony Chrstie

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In life, you experience a series of doorways, gateways and openings to love, light and wisdom; that if taken will bring you to a higher state of existence.

You are at a gate, a doorway, an
opening. Perhaps like me you got here
via a circuitous route – the labyrinth of
life. Rather than looking back to see
how you got here, pausing briefly to
consider where you are can bring you
to realize that you are at the doorway
to your future; the entrance to the
integration of your inner and outer
worlds; a gateway to self-discovery and
to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

It is sometimes the small things in life that serve as openings to the most wondrous events and meetings. My first encounter with the Cygnus Review appeared to be one of these small things – and it might nearly not have happened. I sometime wonder how different my life would have been if I hadn’t followed the prompting of my intuition many years ago.

When you are in tune with your intuition and find synchronicities happening to you that you cannot always explain, you are following the guidance that you are receiving. You may first become aware of this when you notice yourself choosing one thing over another just because it feels right, or having to go someplace even though it may not always make sense. I remember following an urge in 2004 to go to a health food store and restaurant in Cork. I had been there only a few days before and had stocked up on everything I needed, so I couldn’t fully understand my “need” to go back there. I decided to drive by and I said to myself that if I got a parking space nearby I would go in. There was one right outside the door! I went in and walked all around the shop and didn’t find anything that I needed.

I moved along to the restaurant
entrance where there were many notices
and information leaflets about all
kinds of activities, mainly of a mind,
body, and spirit nature. In one of the
information racks someone had left a
magazine with reviews of mind/body/
spirit books. These were old editions
of Cygnus Review, and it was the first
time I had seen or heard of it. I flicked
through one and read the start of the
editorial that spoke about powerful
cosmic energies that were coming
through in mid to late 2003 that would
have significant life-changing effects for
many people. That was around the time
that I divorced, and so I was intrigued
by what I was reading. Not having
much time, I picked up the three or
four other Cygnus Review magazines
that were left there and brought them
home with me to read later.

As I was going through the Cygnus
Reviews at home, I noticed a person’s
name and address on the back of one
of them. As I was looking to meet up
with like-minded people who were
interested in spiritual topics, I took a
chance and wrote a letter to the lady
whose name was on the back of the
magazine. I received a phone call from
her shortly afterwards saying that she
had a meditation group at her house
every Sunday evening and would I
like to come along. I started going
to the Sunday evening gatherings. A
few months later, there was a dream
workshop happening at this woman’s
house. It was at this dream workshop
that I met Fionnuala. Fionnuala is now
my wife.

It was Fionnuala who introduced
me to the labyrinth. She had a deck
of Angela McGerr’s Angel Cards and
asked me one evening to pick one. It
was called “Melchizedek’s Labyrinth”.
My labyrinth journey from that one
card has taken me all over the world,
brought much wisdom and insights
that I share through my Labyrinth
Wisdom Cards, and gifted me a new
form of healing called Melchizedek
Labyrinth Healing.

When you listen to the guidance you are receiving and follow it, even if doesn’t appear to make sense, you are opening a doorway to endless possibilities. One of my greatest learnings with the labyrinth is an awareness of the significance of every moment. When you fully live in the presence of every moment, you are walking your own path to self- discovery, and tapping into the oneness of all of existence!

This article was featured in the Spring 2019 Cygnus Review. Tony Christie’s Labyrinth is available for purchase from Cygnus Books.

Small Openings and Amazing Results by Tony Chrstie