The magical power and benefits of Dharma


The magical power and benefits of Dharma

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For better productivity, and more!

A few years ago I was really unhappy, dealing with depression and addiction in a job I hated. I started looking at my life and decided I needed something more. I wanted to elevate my soul.

Down the spiritual rabbit hole I went, studying, attending course after course, finding myself along the way.

I went on a mission to uncover strong abilities within myself and harness them to clear away the doubt and disbelief that stood in my way. I found an amazing method -not that I knew it then. I started to listen to my soul, and it showed me the way to become what I am now: a Dharma Teacher, Podcast Host, Co-Creator of The Network and a serial entrepreneur.

I discovered the magical power of Dharma, for my life, but also productivity. Here is how doing your Dharma will improve yours.

When we work hard at something, head down, we often see our work like a small child we have to take care of. Especially when you’re an entrepreneur, your own business needs so much attention, dedication and love to grow. We spend so much energy and time educating and developing it that we often lose ourselves in the process. Working long hours, facing daily high pressure, managing budgets and teams – our weeks seem to be jam-packed and they are! But we have to make sure to make time to care for ourselves.

Dharma will help you follow your highest excitement, unlock your greatest potential and create the life you desire.

Listening to your needs, hearing what your soul is saying, meditating: it all contributes to your much needed self-care which will help you clear out your head with the challenges you may face. In other words, always put your well-being first then proceed with business. It is the right thing to do because the responsibilities arising from business require you to be strong, healthy, and focused.

Meditation can be a way of coping with stress. A daily practice – however short or long – will improve your focus and help you stay in the present, which is what you need to be an efficient entrepreneur. Stuck in a difficult and stressful situation? Meditation will bring you the key to unlock the solution. It’s something that happens to me quite often, and I’ve noticed that I worry less now. Regular practice of meditation will help you know which stress relief suits you best.

As entrepreneurs, it is important to know how to give ourselves a break: we don’t have to, and we can’t be good at everything. So focus on your brilliance, your strong points. Surround yourself with people that might have skills you don’t have, and together be as productive as possible. This will therefore downgrade the level of pressure and help you and your business grow.

Having a good self-care is not just an attitude, it is a lifestyle that contributes to your happiness and ultimately your business. But there is one thing you have to make sure before applying these motivational ways of life, ask yourself if you are doing what you love. Are you doing your Dharma? Does life flow? Are you following your highest excitement?

Alignment with Dharma gives a sense of purpose to life. By doing your soul work and designing your life accordingly, you take the power back and end up focusing your powerful energy on consciously creating your destiny.


Kitty Waters, is a Dharma Teacher, Podcast Host and Co-Creator of The Network, and serial entrepreneur. Her mission is to change the way we see and view the world by helping us follow our happiness, joy and finding our blissin every aspect of our life, and ultimately delegating what we don’t find blissful to those that do


The magical power and benefits of Dharma